Tyr's Good Hand is a Kindred located in upstate New York (Kindred is a Heathen term for congregation). It was formed in early 2015 after a year of fellowship and friendship among Heathens in and around the Capital District. We are a gathering for folks and families who practice Germanic Reconstructionist Paganism.The most common being Asatru. People find their way into our tribe through study, practice, and heart.


We are Folk who devour books, collect stories, and cherish lore. We share the Edda, Sagas, and songs of those of came before us. We honor our ancestors and raise the horn. We worship outdoors, every month, in a sacred space. We work on projects such as carving god poles and raising honey bees for brewing mead. We work with horse, bow, book, anvil and brew. We love animals, good stories, music, laughter, and ale.


We study hard, work hard, and drink hard! Hail!

Tyr's Good Hand is a Universalist Kindred and open to all races, politics, sexual preferences, genders, and combinations there of! We do not own land in common or have a temple. Instead we meet at a private farm monthly, as well as host events such as workshops, hikes, and volunteer work off-site.


It is also a private group and new members are asked questions about their interest. We are searching for other solid, upstanding, Heathen citizens looking for community and conversation. If you join request to join our Meetup Group you will be interviewed and then either declined from the group or welcomed to join in.