Thing will be held once a year in Summer. Tribal attendance is mandatory. If you can not attend: a written letter (email is acceptable) must be sent to the farmstead and addressed to the tribe for members to vote on it being acceptable or not at Thing. If consensus feels it is an acceptable excuse, it will be allowed.



All Members and Potential Members of Tyr’s Good Hand Kindred must be 18 or older. If a minor wishes to join the group they must attend with a legal guardian who has spoken with our Tribal members at least once at an official Gathering with Ritual.



Attendance Requirements are as follows: A Minimum of 6 Tribal Gatherings (with ritual) and 3 Community Service events per year. To not retain this attendance without excused absence means membership is revoked. 



You can not miss three Tribal Ritual Gatherings in a row and remain a member. Members and Potentials must attend once per season of the Wheel. If for some reason you can not manage this, a letter must be sent to the farmstead and addressed to the tribe for members to vote on it being acceptable or not. 



You can be removed from our Kindred any time that you hurt your own reputation and worth in a way that also hurts our Tribe and our Luck we worked hard to create and share. Members have been removed for this reason in the past. 



Sponsored folk may apply for official membership in the tribe once membership requirements are met. These Potential Members must be voted in unanimously by current members after achieving minimum attendance requirements.



Members are expected to organize one community Service event per year. If travel or time is an issue, two attendances of Ritual events in which you donated food to our local food Pantry counts as one Community Service Event. 





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