For the Gathering on December the 16th. Please bring any questions you have or current books or information you have been reading. It will be a casual potluck and outdoor ritual afterwards, torch-lit and at dusk. Bring drinks or food to share!

Ongoing Homework: Collect ideas, book titles, and other suggested topics that would be a suggested curriculum for new Heathens. What is the heart of Heathen ethics and thew? What would you suggest as a starting point for a new student and what topics and titles create your Heathenry.

Come prepared to discuss.

The fine people over at r/asatru on reddit have created a beginner resource list that is the best introduction to Heathen lore and concepts online. Check it out here.


Prefer to listen? Check out Heathen Talk, a podcast that covers Heathenism in America.




Current Assignment