Founder of Tyr's Good Hand and landowner of the place the tribe gathers on. Jenna is a farmer, writer, and graphic designer by trade and enjoys falconry, horseback riding, hiking, archery, martial arts and the fiddle She's a fairly new Heathen but active in the Pagan Community over 15 years. She likes her pillows black and coffee fluffy.


He is a mild-mannered Rigsman with a penchant for poetry, song and booze. An anthropologist and Seminarian by training, he has been an independent book seller and public priest since 1989. He enjoys long walks over short piers and not falling in. When not leading TGH in ritual, he sometimes dreams of butterflies.


Jo has been drawn to the Norse Traditions since reading about them as a child. She works as a professional jewelry designer and maker for 25 years,and also has played in a number of local original music bands for about the same amount of time.


David Crist is a physicist and PhD student in materials science at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. His days are spent using his mysterious mathemagical powers to slay dragons and redistribute their stolen gold among the peasantry. When he has time off, he can be found roaming the foothills hiking and camping, and blacksmithing whenever he can get access to a forge. A resident of Troy since 2012, he enjoys traveling around the Northeast and meeting new friends, hearty meals, and deep conversations.


Mother of three, professional embroiderer, and caregiver. Active in the Heathen community since May 2015. Hobbies include crochet, knitting, spinning, and drawing. Enjoys hiking, snowshoeing and spending time at the ocean. Loves animals, especially elephants, wolves and ravens. 


Dax is a father of two sons and a longtime student and worshiper of Asatru Heathenry.  Thanks to the perseverance of Jenna and Tyr's Good Hand founding members, Dax was able to find a local Kindred that reflects his values and a shares a common ideal in the growth and worship in Heathenry.  Dax is a student, entrepreneur and lifelong theatre professional.  Between family, work and study, Dax's forth pillar is Asatru:  There for all Humankind to take part in.  



Mother of two and full-time Legal Secretary living in the Capital District.  She is a passionate knitter and bread baker who prides herself in making her loaves from all locally sourced ingredients.  Tara has been active in the Heathen community since 2012 in the Norse tradition.  In her free time, she enjoys genealogy, hiking, gaming, and astronomy.


Mom/stepmom, wife and doctor of chemistry; Trish lives and works as an educator in the hills of Western Massachusetts. A philosophical polytheist and environmentalist for the past 30 years, she began learning about the Heathen folkway in earnest in 2007. She loves playing in and on the water, and also bikes, snowshoes, and skis cross country when she can.