To become a member of our Kindred requires dedication, study, presence, and service. New members are only voted in at the Summer Thing, which means only once a year. But before you can be voted in you need to meet our membership requirements, and they are the same requirements current members of the tribe need to keep. More details on these may be found in our bylaws section of this website. 


To summarize, to become a member you need to attend at least six monthly ritual events over the course of one full turn of the wheel. This means attending blot at least once in every season, in person, among your Kindred. You also need to participate in at least three Community Service events. If after a year of joining us in ritual, study, and service you would like to become a Tribal Member, you need to have the sponsorship of a current member. This person will present your membership request at Thing (which you will also attend) and if you are voted in unanimously - you are welcomed into the tribe as a full member and given your member pendant, 



Your wolf pendant is not a gift. It is only borrowed while you remain a member and you are borrowing it from the dedicated members of the tribe. If you leave the group for any reason of your own choosing, the pendant is to me returned to the Tribe. It is only for current members. If you are removed from the group, it must also be returned. To keep your wolf pendant or refuse to return it is an insult to current members.