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Welcome to our Hoard! This will be a blog dedicated to sharing the experiences and stories of the Tyr's Good Hand Kindred. I'll be the main contributor, being the group's founder and host of events, but all Kindred members are welcome to share their stories, experiences, skills, words, and wisdom here. Over the coming months and years of our fellowship and frith, we hope that this site will be of value to others looking to build their own tribes. Always feel free to comment and ask questions. We are at your service!

I'll begin with our Kindred's short history. In early 2015 I created a Meetup.com group here in the Capital Region of upstate New York. The point was to connect with other people interested in studying Heathenry as a community. My goal then was nothing more than some connection, book swapping, humble homework, and possibly some day getting together to perform blot and sumbel. It was about networking and knowledge, with no real intention of becoming a true Kindred.

However over the seasons it became much more. Experienced heathens in the area joined up and brought with them their stories, supplies, and guidance. Tim and Joanna had all the ritual gear from hammers to horns and experience running blots and boasts. I had the space and privacy of a small farm to let us gather. And others brought along eagerness and gifts of time and work. We started meeting monthly, always performing a ritual and sharing food and ale, and our conversations grew richer. I felt like the village idiot who stumbled into Heathen Seminar through luck and chance. What I have gained from these people in just this past year is awesome. Truly.

Now our Tribe’s focus is on three things: Worship, Study, and Community. Ritual is why we gather every month, but so is the assigned work of learning more and becoming meow knowledgable in general. Lastly, we don’t want to use our energy on just ourselves and actively volunteer and take part in the community here — from donating to our closest food banks to trail maintenance at local conservation lands to mopping the local brewery’s floors after hours — we care about mattering to this community and building our reputation in a very Christian and/or Secular part of the country.

Thank you for reading and following along in this small story. May your Yuletide season be bright and warm and may your cup never go dry!

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