Our Yule Gathering Is Soon!

We are just a few days away from the Yule Gathering, and I'm excited. It's this coming Sunday here at the farm. There's a lot of cleaning, cooking, and planning ahead but of all the details over the next few days in preparation for the festival; the one I am excited about above the rest is the forecast;


It looks like scattered snow showers on Saturday and I can't think of a more beautiful way to celebrate and raise the horn back in the ve, than if it is covered in fresh snow. I think the ritual will be held later in the afternoon and since I live on the eastern side of a mountain, that means it will be getting dark here around 3:30PM. Dusk in that space lit by oil lamps, candles, lanterns and maybe even a small campfire will be fittingingly cold and dark for a Yuletide faining.

I want the space to feel special, either way. If people are traveling to my farm and giving their time and energy to this Kindred then in return they should have something special to remember. A farm covered in snow, good food, good music, and a feeling as close and authentic as possible to what a Pagan Gathering might have been for our ancestors. That is what I am trying to give them. Sometimes running a group is as simple as throwing a good party.

I have carving to do on the Freyr Godpole, a bird to prepare for the feast, and I have set up some barter deals with a local mead brewer to swap some of his special stock for some farm raised lamb and pork. For the horn and our boasts and sumbel there is a bourbon barrel porter from the local brewering I waited in line for last weekend to get one of the 80 available growlers. It's brewed by friends right here in my community and I am grateful to support them and have such a special brew for the holiday.

To those of you attending, please remember to bring at least (but more if you wish!) five items for the food drive for Cambridge Senior Citizens. They requested paper goods and toiletries (toothpaste, tp, paper towels, shampoo) and meals in a can (hearty stews, soups, and pastas). I will bring it all down to the Food Bank on the following Wednesday with a note from the Kindred also letting them know how to contact us for any help in person with distribution or serving their needs. If anyone else wants to help with the drop off, just let me know.

Viking Raven ornament design by IGNITEDArtsDesign on Etsy!

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