Heathen Chicken Pie?

At first I just wanted to post this chicken pot pie as a gag. I made a little dough mjolnir for the top of the pie and brought it to a Yule Party last weekend for the hosts. But you know what?! It is HEATHEN CHICKEN PIE, because this pie is filled with meat that people in my Kindred helped me care for. At gatherings others help with the odd farm chore and these birds have been there the whole time in movable pasture pens. My kindred helped move them, feed them, carry water and watched them grow up. The veggies inside the pie came from the farmstand down the road. They aren't Heathens (to my knowledge) but they are neighbors and business owners in this community and that makes them part of my grith, if nothing else. I am happy to support them. Local food paired with hard work and a community you care about - sounds like Heathen pie to me. Hail!

#community #Yule #Pie

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