Finding Her Tribe

Hail good folk! I would like to share with all of you, my feelings and experience in being part of Tyr's Good Hand. Although I have been pagan for many years, and have met several other fine pagans over that time span, I never found a group that was serious in learning, fellowship, community and personal growth.

I became interested in Heathenry only a few years earlier but I did not know that there were any like-minded individuals in this area. One evening, I decided to check out the Meetup app, I typed in Heathenry, and saw there was a group only a short way from my home and two of my local pagan acquaintances were also attending the meets. That made me feel positive that it was a decent group. I first attended a meetup event in May 2015. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was met with a hearty welcome by everyone. The group discussed lore, drank mead and ale, shared food, thoughts and ideas by the fire. We then held blot followed by carving God poles, throwing axes and practicing archery, all on a charming small farm in the wooded countryside. I felt at home there and everyone made me feel welcome.

I left that day just blown away. I was throughly impressed with the quality of folks I spent the day with. The focus on reading, studying, discussions, deeds and fellowship was what impressed me, as well as the drive of the group and each individual present to work on the betterment of themselves, of the group and community we live in. I am inspired to be better too, for my family, for the group and for the community. I am proud to be part of such a fine group as Tyr's Good Hand!

#NewMembers #Kindred

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