Winter Thing Announced!

Hail folk! We have a lot to celebrate and a lot to discuss going into 2016! So much, in fact, that I am announcing the first ever Winter Thing! This is a mandatory event for all, because we will be voting on some basic laws for our tribe. There will only be four laws I am presenting for vote, but anyone is welcome to present laws to the group to accept or dismiss. This is why attendance is so important. I already cancelled plans this day that included making some decent cash for the farm with private fiddle lessons. So I understand that for some of you this will be a hindrance. Tribe is worth it.

The other reason is dedication. If you wish to remain a member of the Kindred, you should be here. I know that sounds harsh to some of you, but at least twice a year (winter and summer) we need to all be in the same place for Tribal voting, collecting money for group projects (like the hives that we will brew mead and reap honey from), and to stand beside the people who you are choosing to consider brothers and sisters in frith.

Besides voting on the laws below, we will be talking about tribal roles, collecting money (cash) towards purchasing our hives and bees, and have assigned homework. The suggested donation amount is $40. If you can not pay $40 than contact me and let me know what you can offer and we will reallocate or assist you with the payment.

This group — which started as a casual meetup and formed into a Kindred — is turning into something more organized, important, and involved. We are being noticed and recognized by the larger Heathen community and also by the local faith community here in New York. Donating time to local charities, food banks, and conservation groups helps us gain reputation and worth in the region. I am proud of us, as all of you should be too! We are dedicated to academics, community service, and our Gods. But we also need to be dedicated to each other.

If the following laws are something you do not feel able to abide, or think the group is becoming too much of a commitment, this is the time to say farewell. A few already have, simply because they feel the commitment is too much. That is okay. I would rather have 3 people in my tribe who are 100% dedicated to creating a strong Heathen Community slowly than have a Meetup Group of 100 casual aquaintances.

Here are the bylaws I would like to vote on for our Kindred:

1. Attendance is at least 6 Tribal Gatherings (with ritual) and 3 Community Service events per year to remain a member.

2. You can not miss three Tribal Ritual Gatherings in a row and remain a member. Must attend once per season of the Wheel.

3. You can be removed from our Tribe any time that you hurt your own reputation and worth in a way that also hurts our Tribe.

4. New members must be voted in unanimously by current members. Dismissals must also be unanimous. All other voting can be majority rule.

Non Members can no longer attend events and ritual with us. This is not a casual group, club, pub moot, play land, or church picnic. This is a Kindred.

Homework: Rev. Timothy Lake is choosing next month's bit of lore to study and discuss. It will be posted on the homework page of the website ( shortly, check there! But know this past Yuletide Lore talk was (in my opinion) our best yet. An easy hour of amazing take aways and thoughts, which is the side effect of having two PhDs, an artist , a writer, and a college chem professor talking about the Poetry of Mead! Thank you to all who contributed. I truly felt lucky to be among you.

Community Service Suggestions Welcome! Want us to come to you? We can package food bank boxes in Troy, Albany, Saratoga, anywhere. But you need to take the responsibility to contact and set up those events and gather us to them near you. If you don’t want to do that, I’ll be focusing on events around me and the farm. TGH is a Doacracy. Meaning - Those who do things get to make the decisions.

Winter Hike: This is a totally optional, casual, fun group activity. It’s coming up before the Thing and we can talk casually about these laws and ideas there. Dress warm and pack your snowshoes if needed! It’s a fine day out in nature with amazing views just 20 Minutes from the farm. I’ll be going to the bookstore in Manchester for hot coffee and a cupcake after.

Thank you all, and if it sounds daunting that’s okay. It’s good to be a part of a group so dedicated to not being mediocre. A tribe is an awesome thing. Be part of it. It's worth the effort for the better person you will be for doing what you say, helping others, improving your community, and supporting each other.

-Corbie (Jenna)

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