Food Bank Donations Delivered!

I am happy to announce that several boxes of food (and other household goods) collected at the Yule Gathering were delivered to the Loaves and Fishes Pantry today in Cambridge. The good people at the bank were happy to see the supplies we gathered, and I could see why. All the meal tables were full and the place was packed! The food bank is also a senior center, and offers low cost and/or free lunches to those in need in the community. In the note that was included in our donation boxes I told them to always feel free to contact us about future needs - be it in person to help with the meals and cleaning, or just the simple act of continuing our donations.

I would suggest bringing five items to our Winter Thing as well. It lets us continue to help the Food Bank and continue to grow our reputation in this small, rural, community. We can make it a little more appealing in that every three times you bring food donations to a Kindred Gathering it could count as one of your donated days of Community Service requirements for the Tribe. It seems fitting to use our gathering time and arguments over the bylaws as a chance to help others!

Your Cat-Herder-in-Chief


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