“What’s that necklace mean?”

“What’s that necklace mean?” Someone says to you, after noticing your hammer. You may have been asked this before? If you haven’t yet, get ready, because you certainly will. Do you have an answer ready? Because when you are put on the spot like that you have two choices. The first is to evade the question and mumble something about your love of Norse Mythology (I have done this, sadly) or choose the better response:

Honestly explain you’re Heathen.

This is easier said than done. To most of the world Heathen is a term either used colloquially scorn the non-religious (Godless Heathens) or its so steeped in hero worship it makes people nervous (think barechested Vikingtru metal memes). Expect the person asking about your Mjolnir to have no idea about any of this and simply explain you wear it as a reminder of your faith. Just say you’re Heathen.

It’s not your job to evangelize or to give a history lesson. Just say what you are. Say it as matter of factly as possible, with confidence and maybe a gentle smile. If questions continue and they want to know what you mean by that – keep it simple. I would explain that Heathenry is about honoring our ancestors and bettering our community and ourselves. There is no reason to even mention your Kindred, book collection, or TV shows with battle axes. Just stand tall, speak clearly, and let their thoughts about those people wearing a hammer to be simple and kind. Gods know there is enough bad press elsewhere.

Just say what you are. It's worth being proud of.

Photo taken from one of Etsy’s many Mjolnir Slingers

#hammer #mjolnir

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