Thing: First Thoughts

I am just so proud of us. So insanely proud. A year ago Tyr's Good Hand didn't even exist. Today eight dedicated members were voted in by the Tribe. We feasted, shared our lives, our lore, our stories and even songs. We filled this small farmhouse with conversation about stories in the Eddas, bylaws, bees, and more. We chose as a feral herd of people to make ourselves into something more: a tribe. I am honored and beyond grateful that I have these Heathens in my life. I am so excited for the seasons ahead. We have bee hives to build and a hive to raise. We have a farm we all love and worship at. We traded stories and gifts and I know I am rambling now but it is all joy in what a few scrappy people can create.

Also, we give great cake.

Everything about today was a celebration of Community. Not just the communities we serve through projects and outreach - but all of our Heathen Communities. There was Marc from Heathen Talk, who attended to see the big show, but also was so helpful as an ambassador of Reddit and his podcast. There was the tribe itself - choosing to officially chose it's charter members and what it requires of new members. There was the service projects ahead at Breweries and Farms. There was the people of the Tribe itself, sharing at blot and being lead in story and song by The Tim.

More to come on the tribe here soon. I hope other members will share their thoughts and take aways and hopes for the year to come. I hope the larger community will watch us learn and grow. I also hope everyone involved with today can hold up their heads high with pride in the good and scrappy work done today. It is so easy to sit and home and not be a part of something, so easy it is amazing modern tribes even exist - but we are doing our best with what we have. We are using that one good hand left to build the mold of something more. I am humbled and prideful at the same time.

Hail Tyr.

Hail All of You.

Hail the Story.

Hail the Ancestors.

Hail the Wights.

Hail the Folk.

Hail Tyr.

#Thing #Kindred #Bylaws

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