TGH Celebrated on Heathen Talk!

Happy to announce that a report of our Annual Thing was posted over at the Heathen Talk Podcast's website by Marc. It is lovely. I'll post a bit of Marc's words's here and you can click the link below to read the rest over at the pocast's website.

I had ventured north to visit Tyr’s Good Hand for their first annual Thing, held on Sunday in the hills of the Taconics in Eastern New York. Keen listeners of Heathen Talk might recall that we have previously made mention of Tyr’s Good Hand on a few occasions. Their organizer, Jenna, is a friend of the show. So it felt right and proper that I made the trek to her freehold farm for the occasion. I had previously made conversation with Jenna online, but we had never personally met in meatspace before. I’d say that this was doubly important, since Heathenry is a face-to-face religion.

Inside the small farmhouse, kept warm by a central heating stove, were individuals who had for the better part of the year been working together. First founded to find like-minded individuals, they were ready to take the step to transition from a proto-tribal body to a full-fledged kindred. This time last year they had met in a coffee shop to discuss the potential idea for the formation of a loose study group devoted to understanding their particular interpretation of Asatru Heathenry. Eight folks in total were there in that building: scholars and students, mothers, farmers, residents from Massachusetts, men and women all interested in reviving the worship of their gods and interested in living the right good life. This is in addition to the three dogs, at least one cat, and the red tailed hawk that Jenna keeps for her practice of falconry...

Read the rest over at Heathen Talk!

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