The Hive Has Been Bought!

Good news to share! The Folk have their bees! Or, we will soon! Today after dropping off the donations from the Thing at the food bank, I headed over to Betterbee in Greenwich to place an order for the Tribe's mead and honey futures! Thanks to the collection made by the tribe we had exactly enough money to order not just a regular package of bees, but an overwintered nuc! What's that mean? Well, it's short for nucleus colony - which is what we got.

Instead of buying a box of looose honey bees with a strange queen (which are dumped into a hive and the beekeepers hope they stick around and start making a home for themselves) we are getting an established colony of frames, with their established queen alongside them, all New York born and bred. This means they will be strong, suited to our climate, and well on their way to producing honey and their hivemates. Since they already will have frames with eggs and honey stores formed - they will be VERY invested in sticking around the farmstead and producing for us.

Nuc pick up day is to be determined byt the fine people over at Betterbee, but in the meantime we will have the hive to assemble, paint, and decorate for a place in the forest outside our ve. It will be part of what we do at the February gathering. Be glad, Folk of TGH - you are officially beekeepers!

#bees #honey #mead #beekeeping #kindred #Thing

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