Winter Hike!

Get out your toe warmers, thickest wool socks, your favorite sweater and biggest smile because these Heathens are hitting the trail this Saturday! Since the tribe already has a relationship with the fine people at the Merck Forest and Farmland Nature Center, we will be heading there to enjoy their kept winter trails. Winter events are their busiest season and besides the woodstove-heated winter cabins folks snowshoe and ski to they allow winter horseback riding, trekking, and hunting too.

It's a great area and we have a volunteer history there, so on this day we'll just be enjoying the gorgeous winter woods and raise the horn with friends in a wild place.

Even though this is just a day hike, please do come prepared for a cold day outdoors. Have water, extra layers, and a snack packed. If you have yak traks or footwear gear that helps with ice, it may or may not be needed by preparation is a good thing.

Photo courtesty Merck Forest Blog.

#Hiking #volunteering #MerckForest #Kindred #Tribe

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