Tribal Pendants Are Being Forged!

Happy to share this proof from local artisan, Erik Johnsen. He hand created this mold to create our tribe's member pendant. If you are a voted in member of Tyr's Good Hand you will be given this solid pewter medallion to wear. It weighs around an ounce and is solid pewter. It displays the image from our logo, the wolf with the sacrificed hand inside him and the rune's Tiwaz, Algiz, and Berkana - For Tyr, Worship, and Growth.

At the end of the day this is just a hunk of metal, but it symbolizes much more to us. To wear it is to be a dedicated member of a modern tribe. It is as unique a piece as we are a Kindred. No one else in the entire world can wear this around their necks but those who are a part of ours, and that is special.

They should be ready soon and will be handed out to members at the next meeting they attend. They will be on pieces of leather cord. Something to look forward to at the brewery day or February Gathering!

#pendant #medallion #membership #tribe #kndred

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