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The farm here that hosts the Gathering's of Tyr's Good Hand has just completed Lambing Season. Out of four pregnant ewes there were ten lambs! Two sets of triplets and two sets of twins! Two of those ten lambs were lost, sadly. A ewe lamb and a ram lamb, one died shortly after birth from being born in the cold of a 12 degree night and the other died just two days after being born for reasons unknown. This sadly, is not uncommon for lambing season, to lose a few. But the remaining eight sheep are healthy and hearty. The three males are already sold to folks for meat, and the ewes will remain here to add to the breeding progam. The yarn will be shared within the heathen community. Folks in other states as well as our own Kindred members will be knitting and crochetting the wool from this farm into warmth for the coming winter.

I do not have much money. But I do have a good horse, a healthy flock, good soil, running water, and a tribe I care about. We have the promise of honey and mead, prosperity and better health, feasts of pork and lamb, and so much more. Hail!

#Sheep #Farming #wool

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