Tribe's First Sumble

The Tribe held its first Sumble (Symbel) this past gathering, and it was a thing to behold! Indoors, as tradition insists, we each took turns raising our glasses for three rounds of boasts and celebrations, titles and stories, songs and jokes. Even the shyest members of the Kindred stood among the group and raised their mug to show the pride in their deeds and their contributions to their home and community.

I am glad that our Kindred finally took the steps to hold this ritual event, it was delightful and a celebration of what we all don’t take enough time to appreciate in our everyday lives. It was Dax who created the homework assignment back in February for us to research and prepare for Sumble, and now it should become a regular event (especially in the winter months when we are always indoors). For him, and the rest of the boasting Tribal Members, I am grateful and proud to know you. My horn is raised, as always, to our luck and worth!

The Odroerir Journal describes a Sumble as the following:

If there is one thing that links all Heathen practice it is the early medieval drinking ritual “symbel” also known as “sumble”. This tradition is lifted straight from the pages of Beowulf, The Eddas and other Germanic poetry and is a ritual that equally unites and divides the various flavours of modern Heathenry whilst remaining an act at the core of all our social structures and gatherings.

Read more about this, and download literature-based research on the ancient rite here.

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