The Hive Grows! Mead Will Flow!

Good morning from the farm, friends and Tribe! Sharing a quick update to show that the hive has been expanded with another level of frames. These boxes are called "supers" and they come in large, medium, and shallow sizes. Right now the hive has a brood chamber on the bottom (the large box with the wolf on it), and a medium sized super above it for the hive's honey. Another honey super will be added above it, and it is that last one that we will rob a little honey to make mead for our Kindred.

A friend of TGH came by this week and removed that burr comb, the stuff you see on top of the hive. It was removed to make the hive more orderly and easier to manage, and set on top so the bees can rob any nectar they stored away in it. Once cleaned out it will be clean wax used for bowstrings and homemade soaps.

This is the first year this colony has lived in this location, so it would be unwise to take too much of their food. The girls have worked hard for it. But a few pounds will go to the tribe so that this winter when we are raising the horn at Sumble it will be with mead created from the effort of this community.


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