The Flock is Shorn

Tyr's Good Hand meets at a small working farm. Every spring the small flock of sheep is shorn and the mixture of rug and spinning wool is set aside. This year a package of Romney/Merino wool will be mailed to the Chieftain of Black Bear Kindred as a gift to Lauren for her hard work in Heathenry. The majority of the wool will be sent to a local spinning mill to be turned into yarn by professionals. Some will stay here to be hand washed and carded and spun right here on the farm! It's an honor and a delight to have a small piece of land that produces fiber alongside meat, eggs, milk, soap, cheese, honey, vegetables, and fleece. To be close to the land that has cared for us since time out of mind is to touch the past, appreciate the present, and feel safe about the future.

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