Make Time For Lore

I am not a scholar, and I don't have a lot of time to sit and read as much as I would like. But I am finding that taking a few moments of each day — perhaps right after chores in the AM or after an evening meal — to read some of the lore of our faith, is important. They say learning an instrument can be as complicated as 4 hours of practice a day and dreams of Julliard or it can be playing your guitar fifteen minutes a night with a beer, with dreams of playing at your local bar for friends. Either way, music is a part of your life just by making time. So I am making time for the lore, perhaps just a single myth, saga, poem, or story a day. After a few weeks I find I am polishing off books I was certain I didn't have the time to commit to. And my knowledge of the stories that shaped a culture (and still shape us today) only grows.

Read a story today, something that calls to you and deepens your connection to our past, our ancestors, and fellow Heathens. If nothing else you'll have something to share with your Kindred come your next gathering. But I'll bet if you are anything like myself - you'll just enjoy your fifteen minutes with the guitar.

Image of Freyr and Freyja By Richard Pace

Taken from A Simple Blot to Freyr.

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