The Wild Hunt

October is here and the Kindred has planned an evening ritual and study session for later in the month. The plan is to welcome the end of our Harvest with a campfire, lore, ritual and shared feast. Please bring a dish to share, mead or ale, and your prepared mindset for plenty of conversations, torchlit blot, and good folk!

The homework will be on The Wild Hunt - its lore, the versions of the tale, and significance to modern Heathens. Trish (who was kind enough to assign this perfect topic) has detailed out the study work here.

I thought this exploration would be in keeping with the secular and pagan transitions we make at this time of year. I always think of the end of October/beginning of November as the cusp of winter and the time when the Wild Hunt begins to ride in the sky. There is no single, ‘correct’ tale of the Hunt, but there are legends and folklore galore that incorporate the story in some form throughout England, Germany, the Netherlands, Scandinavia and here in the United States. If this story is new to you, you can find loads of stuff online, and there are also some folktales collected here (this is actually a phenomenal resource).

So, the ‘assignment’ is to research the story:

* Find and read different versions of the tale

* Read what others have written about the theme, its origins, modern interpretations, etc. * If you a regional interest (like Dax & England) perhaps find versions of the tale that from your

Germanic region

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