These gorgeous embroidered patches are being made by Tribe Member, David's very talented mother! They are being gifted to the Tribe and we'll be sending a care package as a thank you and returned gift. Members have agreed to send some of our honey, candles, a hand-made shawl, and signed books to the fine woman making our Tribe look just a little more legit. Patches will be available to all wolf-wearing members (those who have a pewter wolf pendant - meaning Full members voted into the Tribe). I am not sure when to expect the patches but I assume before Solstice comes.

To some things like pendants and patches are silly. I disagree. There is a pride and identity to being part of something that works hard to create positive change in both the lives of individuals and the greater community. Our pendants and patches are literal badges of inclusion. It shows dedication and belonging, as well as someone whose reputation and worth merit such a token.

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