March Community Service Event

As the wheel turns towards spring and all of us are excited for warmer weather and longer stretches of sunlight - let us not forget those of us who have come before. Heathenry is an ancestor venerating religion and community focused. Our community is not just our Kindred but our families, neighbors, towns, and the resources and wildlife around them. One way to respect our community and improve it is to dedicate some time this month to local cemetery cleanup.

For our March community service event we will be working to help clean up these places of memories. If you have family buried close by and can directly tend to those places of remembrance - that is great. If you don't your local town will also appreciate an afternoon of garbage, winter stick/leaf pickup, and sweeping.

I suggest calling your local government/town clerk to get the number of the cemetery maintenance to see if you can be of any certain form of assistance? Perhaps they need some painting done, or a certain task volunteers would be appreciated for?

I will be posting a local event on our Meetup page as well. If anyone close to me wants to join me for Cambridge and some rural cemetery cleanup you are welcome!

Photo: Viking burial site at Lindholm Hoje, dating from AD 400

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