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The end of hunting season is just around the corner. Soon lambs, kids, and chicks will be all over this farm. The chickens are laying regularly again with the growing daylight. The geese are sitting on a nest where the firewood pile used to be. Freyr's blessings swirl around this farmstead, reminding me how old this story is. Our ancestors knew the work of lambing, of shearing, of turning animal to energy and being grateful for it. The Kindred here is slowly growing, word is getting out again after a few months of sluggish leadership on my part. But now their is a new energy among us. Community service events posted, new faces, big plans for Summer Thing where new members will be voted in. It's a happy time to raise the horn in boast and thanks.

In Kindred news there will be an upcoming episode of Sheathenry - a Podcast about Heathen Women and their experiences on the Heathen Talk Network talking about homesteading and our practice. I'll be speaking for myself (Jenna) not for the whole Tribe. And it should be noted that unless another member's name is credited this blog is just my thoughts and feelings - along with news - and not speaking for anyone but myself.

So much ahead! Best of luck to you, your own practice, and the luck of your Kin!

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