Thriving Fields. A Year of Ár.

This past Saturday was our monthly Kindred Gathering and ritual. There were some new faces and a blot dedicated to Frey. We spoke of the concept of Ár, as described in the works of Ann Groa Sheffield's Frey God of the World.

Ár is the tenth rune in the Younger Futhark, where you may be most familiar with the name. But more than that the word means "a good year" - a year of special abundance and fertility in farming and economy (concepts intertwined with our agrarian ancestors). Ár is the healthy state, the kind of year you can be proud of. It is a year of work paid off, goals met, needs met, and land providing. The Icelandic rune poem goes:

Ár is good for men,

and a good summer,

and a thriving field

I can not, and won't speak here on this small blog for the rest of the Kindred, but for me this meditation was very important. How easy is it to focus on the swearing or bent years, what was called hallaeri - instead of the work and hope of creating Ár. As a community we hope to work towards Ár. As individuals we hope to lead a life that brings worth and luck into our own stories, which is the harvest we are all working towards. No coincidence that Jera and Ár are so connected. The goodness of Ár leads to the fullness of harvest.

It was wonderful to catch up with the tribe and make our offering together, pass the horn, and update each other on oaths and goals - but there was also hint of Summer in our conversation... We are planning Summer Thing! So far there is camping, games of strength, archery, axe throwing, stories, meals and more being planned as well as a torchlit formal ritual. More details on activities and events soon!

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