April Gathering! Hail Spring!

April had hit the farm, starting with snowfall and a week of intense rain and mud - but this morning the sun is shining and new life abounds. There are ducklings and chicks in the brooder, chirping to me as I write this. There are goat kids on the way, most likely before our next Gathering. Kids bring milk from the small dairy herd and that means milk, soap, and cheese! Hopefully more lambs will be on the way as well. Besides animal life there are seeds to be planted, pastures to renew, fences to mend, and work of horse, hoe, and heart. My hope is the farm remains a worthy place in the eyes of my ancestors and to the community we are cultivating here. The spring Gathering will be nearly at May, which is fitting. If the weather agrees we will be outside on green grass in the Ve. There will be a campfire and probably a few naughty goat kids leaping from bales of hay amongst the potluck, lore, and fellowship we share. But that’s how it goes when your Kindred takes place at a springtime homestead. And to have a taste of the agricultural life of our past is a gift. Looking forward to seeing new faces at our Gatherings and hoping to reconnect with the familiar as well. We will be discussing our Community Service work with animal shelters near our homes, Thing in June, and storytelling from members. I look forward to passing the horn with you all!

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