April Community Service

At the March Gathering those in attendance agreed a great community service project would be to donate to (or volunteer at) our local animal shelter. This is a way to make an impact in our home communities for the better, reaching out as a source of volunteering or donation. If you are able to donate a box of pet supplies - such as cat or dog food, litter, collars and lead, or cat toys to your shelter, that is counts as your April Community Service. If money is tight, see if you can donate your time as a dog walker or cat companion? What to do if you’re not sure how to help? Email or call your local shelter and explain your organization is donating help to local shelters. Ask what they need most? Supplies? In-person assistance? Maybe what they really need is someone willing to scrub down some cages? Whatever the task, offer them a realistic idea of your time and availability. We will share our experiences at the April Gathering. And if you are pressed for time this month and know you can’t get to a local shelter near you - feel free to bring supplies to the April Gathering which I can drive to Second Chance in Vermont.

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